With PHPForms you can just copy and paste the code into your website without needing a middle man.

Field Types

PHPForms offers the most extensive set of form customization features on the net. Almost every single pixel of every form can be customized to fit you exact needs. You simply decide how you want it to look and how you want it to function, then just drag and drop the fields you want to use. We have spent thousands of hours making your life easier by making the form creation process easy.


We know that you want to stay up-to-date on what is going on with you site. PHPForms can let you know exactly what is going on with your website through email. Notifications will respond to any of several customizable conditions that can be set by the user.

Theme Editor

You have your own style, and we want you to be able to express that style. PHPForms includes an almost infinite amount of variations that can bes used to personalize your site. We have a style gallery of professionally created themes that will look great on any site, or you can customize each form or survey to be exactly what you want.

Form Publishing

We know that sometimes creating the perfect website can be frustrating. That is why we make form creation as easy as possible. We offer many different types of form code. You can use a links ,embedded code, you can put it directly into your HTML of an already existing page or we can even create code to make a pop-up light box for your custom form.

Form Preferences

You can customize each form to be exactly what you need for each specific part of your site. You can add things like date limitations or Finish Later, and you know your information will be secure with the option of CAPTCHA technology and advanced SSL encryption.


Many websites that use forms to interact with their customers, but sometimes you want to go a step further and interact with them directly. With PHPForms you can create personalized emails and newsletters that can be sent directly in response to any submission made on your page.

User Management

With our user management tools, you can easily control which users have permission to which parts of your site. And with custom user invitations, you can easily let your customers know when they have gotten increased permissions.

Entries Manager

PHPForms allows you to see a customizable view of your metrics and data. You can filter results, view comments and sort by custom columns and when you're all done you can easily print or put the data into an easy to use PDF format.

White Label

All of the form used at PHPForms are white label. This means that you can add all the information from your site - like personal domain or brand logos - without PHPForms being mentioned at all. It will look just like you coded the forms yourself.

Account Manager

With multiple ways to connect to your account you can always stay connected to PHPForms. You can connect with popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, and can you can change your password or add a personal avatar with just a few keystrokes.


We allow you to save time for your customer by only asking them to complete information once and only include the information that you want. With our advanced logic and branching algorithms you can accept payments, allow users to register automatically or even do things like help them through the process of recovering a lost password.


You want to know what is going on with you site so PHPForms gives you all the information you need. With features that allow you to look at conversion rates and quantitative statistics, you can always stay connected to your customers.