Cloud Backup Services

The “cloud” offers almost unlimited space for data storage, which may be used either for backup, providing for fail-safe business operation, emergency recovery or any other matter. It also introduces many opportunities to VARs offering storage as a service. An option to extend or shrink storage capacity at will is a very valuable offer for customers, and VARs must be sure that they trust the data to the best cloud backup vendor.

Cloud Backup Services

Vendors of cloud backup services.

1. 3X Systems. 3X Backup is the main product of the company. It is an online backup service offered in a form of inexpensive portable configured device, which provides user with an additional local resource for backup and reliable data storage.

2. Amazon Web Services. AWS platform was the pioneer of cloud infrastructure and continues to hold dominative position at the market. Simple Storage Services (S3) are based on AWS and allow storing huge data arrays for a low price.

3. Asigra. A public cloud or a private one? Asigra offers both: Public Cloud Backup Service and Private Cloud Backup Solution, which provide for two variants of backup implementation without requiring agent application to run on your servers.

4. Axcient. The company offers data protection and provision of fail-safe business operation for IT managed service providers (MSP) in a form of hybrid backup device, which is installed at the customer’s site and is integrated with cloud emergency recovery service. Moreover, it can be extended if necessary without bothering spending money on infrastructure, licensing and software.

5. Carbonite. The company offers unlimited backup to the cloud for a fixed rate. Over 80 billion of files have been already backed up with the use of this service, and over 7.2 billion files have been recovered.

6. Cleversafe. Publicly accessible, private and hybrid clouds receive proper attention, either for data backup, archiving, content distribution or many other applications.

7. Doyenz. Offers a package of cloud backup services for IT-service providers, supporting reliable backup and transparent virtual failover. Company’s solution called Shadowcloud stores an active image of working server in the cloud, which can be called at any moment, making for fail-safe business operation.

8. eFolder. Offers high-reliability data protection services for both remote and local e-mail backup via extensive army of VARs and MSP. eFolder technology uses a method of reverse delta.

9. Intronis. Operates in cloud since 2003. Offers services of data backup and emergency recovery for MSP. The company uses AES 256-bit encryption and numerous Data Centers across both coasts of USA, providing for data protection and high level of readiness.

10. Mezeo. Offers a cloud storage platform, which is easily adopted, serves large number of customers, provides for high scalability and security. Its API interfaces — Cloud Storage API and Interoperability API — help service providers to monetize storage by using own products.

11. Nirvanix. Security, reliability and backup are the main points of the company’s offer. Its CloudComplete kit incorporates various options for cloud storage implementation, including CloudNAS Gateway, publicly accessible cloud called Storage Delivery Network as well as hybrid and private cloud solutions hNode.

12. Scality. Scality RING software allows transforming a typical x86-server along with an Ethernet network into a cloud storage system, while cutting the expenses.

13. Vembu. Enters the cloud storage market with a complete series of products and services related to online hybrid and cloud data storage: these are online backup service Vembu Pro, cloud data storage service Vembu Home, online backup software StorGrid SP Edition and hybrid backup software StorGrid Pro Edition.

14. Zetta. Offers corporative class NAS-system functionality in a form of cloud service on demand. Company states that its cloud solutions eliminate expenses spent for data protection and backup, provide for instant scalability of storage capacity, as well as keep an opportunity of extension in the future.