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There is no need in monotonous copy-pasting now. Our powerful web form-builder allows anyone to create email forms in a few steps.
Besides, we have a trial version of the product for you. So, you can download, install and use it absolutely for free. You are welcome to request your free trial version from trial at phpforms dot net. PHPForms can be evaluated in full as we haven’t imposed any limitations except for the time the product is valid.

Email Form Generator

Email form generator is a software, which helps to organize a feedback on a website without special knowledge in programming. As a rule such option is required on any web-project in order to have a connection with subscribers. Email form itself allows capturing data from visitors and sending it to specified e-mail address.

This form builder has a capability of sending data to several e-mails. Email form generator has a lot of options to design a form of required size and contents. There is a wide range of capabilities for full customizing. A user can choose amount of fields and assign them necessary values. Email form generator offers to choose between different types of fields. It can be a text box, a text area, a check box, a radio button, a drop-down list or a button.

The face of future form can be adjusted in details: color, size, thickness of borders, font type, length of fields, etc. You can use your own backgrounds and font types to make future form suitable for specific site design as much as possible.

During development process you can check the result on a graphic model, which shows future form. If needed, some features can be changed or removed. The code is created by email form generator without user interference. This makes application more versatile. Thanks to user-friendly interface of this email form generator and a lot of in-built prompts, the process of creating email form becomes easy and fast.

Email form generator also allows to solve a problem of automatic form submissions. This option is set by default and considers dynamically generated code, which has to be inputted by each submitter after filling up the form. If such measure is not required, it can be switched of. Other important capability is an adjustment of automatic replies to submitters. It can be a predefined message or a newsletter that can be updated by administrator. Using this form builder you can arrange redirecting user on other webpage after form submission. All you need is to define URL address of necessary page in adjustments of submit button.

At the last stage of development you can configure the format of received data: it can be in html or text format. When the development process is finished, all installation-specific settings will be transformed by email form generator into a code, which can be built into any place of webpage without editing. It can spare a lot of valuable business time, giving qualitative feedback on any web-project as a result.

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