Frames in HTML

Frame is a table, in which another HTML document downloads. Many sites have a frame structure, and this site is no exception. Menu of our site is loaded into the frame. How is this performed? Look at this:
    Your browser does not support frames

Name of the parameters

"Name "- is the name of a frame, "src" - the path to the page downloaded into the frame; "width" and "height" is the width and height of the frame respectively. "Scrolling" parameter determines whether the scroll bars are displayed in a frame. If this parameter is not registered in your HTML code, then scroll bars appear when it is needed, if it is equal to "no", then scroll bars are not visible, if - "yes", then bars are displayed in any case. While following the link in a simple HTML-document, the current document substitutes for the new one in the browser's window. If you need to send the content to the frame, it should have the unique name, which is set by the attribute name. In this case, while creating the link in the tag <A>, it is necessary to indicate target parameter, the frame name acts as the value. For our frame <a target="I2">.
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