Html Hyperlinks

Hyperlink in the HTML language is defined by tag <a> </a>. For example line
<a href="html.rar"> Download HTML manual</a>

Download HTML manual

Href parameter determines the place of the document the hyperlink refers to. In this example, the relative link refers to a document html.rar, located in the same directory as the HTML page is. Absolute link is defined as follows:
<a href="">
Download tutorial on HTML language</a>
It looks similar to the previous link, but also determines the exact location of the document
Rules for placement of relative links in the HTML language
If the document that link refers to is located in a directory (folder) on the lower level, lets say dir, the href parameter value will take the form of href = "dir / html.rar", and if the document is located in the level above, we will need to write href ="../ html.rar ".
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