HTML Elements

As it has already been mentioned before, HTML element is the content between start tag and end tag: <p>This is a text</p>. Starting tag - <p>, element content – “this is a text”, closing tag - </p>. Nested HTML elements stand for elements that contain other HTML elements.
There are important HTML syntax rules that should be remembered for quick and easy start with HTML:
  • every HTML element starts with start/opening tag
  • every HTML element ends with end/closing tag
  • element content is the content enclosed in start and end tags
  • certain HTML elements may contain an empty content
  • empty elements are closed in an opening tag
  • HTML elements may be supplied with HTML attributes
Example of HTML text:
Example description:
<html> element – defines the start and the end of the HTML document. Closing element tag is </html>, which marks the end of the document.
<body> - marks the start of the body part of the HTML document. Closing element tag is </body>. May contain other elements, such as <p>, which stands for paragraph.
*Important note: it is necessary to remember about the end tag. Most browsers will read HTML code correctly even without end tag:
<p>This is a text
However, in certain cases missing end tag may produce errors, so better not skip end tags.
Empty HTML elements are elements that do not contain any content. Empty elements may be enclosed in start tag only. For instance, <br> is an empty element, which defines a line break and it doesn’t have an end tag. However, future versions of HTML, XHTML and XML do not allow HTML elements that are not closed. Correct closing of <br> element will be adding slash - <br />, and in this case it will be accepted by HTML, XHTML and XML. Thus, closing empty tags correctly makes the webpage future-proof.
*Important note: it is better to use lowercase for HTML tags. Generally, tags are not case sensitive, and <S> will mean exactly the same as <s>. However, the World Wide Web Consortium recommends using lowercase, and for future versions of HTML/XTML upper case is not acceptable.
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