HTML Frames

HTML code allows creating vertical and horizontal frameset.
Frames allow combining two or more HTML documents within the limits of a single browser window. Each HTML document of these is referred to as an independent frame.
There are some disadvantages of using framesets. At first, HTML developer should control more HTML documents. The second, such page is difficult to print.
The <frame> tag is used to point out which HTML document should be put into frame.
*Important note. In case the frame has borders that are visible to user, user can resize it. To forbid doing this, add <noresize> to the <frame> tag.
Some browsers may not support frames. The <noframes> tag should be added for such cases.
*Important note: the <body></body> tags must not be used with <frame> tags. But in case <noframes> tag is present in the page code, <body></body> must be added.
Frame–related tags:
<frameset> is used to define a set of frames
<frame> defines a single frame
<noframes> is used for browsers that do not support frames
<iframe> is used for inline frame
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