HTML Headings

Headings are defined by a range of tags, from <h1> to <h6>, with <h1> referring to the largest, and <h6> to the smallest heading.
*Important note: browser adds an empty line before and after heading automatically.
Headings are of a much importance for search engine indexing. Search engines use headings to define the structure of the webpage and webpage content. It is strongly recommended to avoid using headings tags for text.
*Important note: the webpage will look well-organized if headings will be used logically - <h1> for main heading, <h2> for heading of a lower level etc.
HTML Line is a tag used for creating a horizontal line - <hr />. While horizontal tags are added by the browsers automatically in case of headings, You may need to add a horizontal line manually.
HTML comments are helpful in case it is necessary to add a comment to the code. To make it invisible for the browser, and to make it non-displayable, comment should be enclosed into <!—and -->.
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