HTML Images

Images are an inherent part of almost any webpage, so it is important to use them properly. <img> tag is used for inserting the images into the webpage. Note that the image tag is empty, so it does not require the end tag and contains attributes only. To add an image to the page, src (short for “source”) tag should be used.
Syntax example:
Image url shows the browser where a desired image is stored to take this image and insert it into the document. The browser inserts an image into the place in the text, where image tag is located.
Alt attribute is used for formulating an image alternate text. The value of this attribute is defined by the code author.
*Technically, alternate text describes the image for those cases when it does not load properly and informs site visitors what is supposed to be displayed. The browser displays the alternate text in case if image cannot be displayed. It is recommended to provide alternate text for all images on a page.
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