Search engines registration Web-server, web site or page using the information stored in a special META tags, which are placed between the tags and the most novice Web-masters and Web-designers do not pay attention to these tags. META tags are not visible when viewing the document and significantly increase its size, but cannot do without them. Recommendations for the preparation of meta tags.
The correctness of compiling meta tags makes it possible that your site was easy to find using search engines among the vast number of other sites! Follow these recommendations to do this.
1. The length of the contents of META tags descriptions should not exceed 200 characters, keywords - 1000 characters. This is due to the fact that search engines tend to use just such magnitude when indexing information about your site. You can get a negative result if the search engines throw away part of the description in excess of established norms, resulting in a catalog does not fall all the desired information or the server simply rejects the registration of your site.
2. It is necessary to include all the most commonly used in your site terms and their synonyms in the tag descriptions. You can also include terms that are not relevant to your pages, but the Internet such behavior is considered invalid. The list of keywords and phrases can be inserted. In this case, your site increases the chance to get to the very top of the list issued by the search engine (in case of a match it with one that introduces the user).
3. To increase your site's ranking and hit him in the upper part of the search list each term must be included in the description, repeat about 3 times. Search engines typically work with META tags and in their absence is already with the page. Sometimes this leads to a site in the list of top 10, but can cause IR negative results (before registering, check your favorite search engine, making the request and looking at the keywords for sites that stand in the top position).
4. Use the descriptions and the list of terms as possible synonyms.
5. Do not use the descriptions in the list of terms and concepts and words loosely connected with each other.