HTML scripts

In case it is necessary to insert a script into a webpage, <script> tag should be used. The type attribute will be helpful in defining the scripting language.
There are browsers that do not support <script> tags. In this case browser will display the content of the <script> tag as an ordinary content. To avoid this, script should be enclosed into comments. Old-style browsers will not display script, while advanced browsers will display it, ignoring comments.
The <noscript> tag is used to define an alternate text, which will be displayed in case the script is not performed. It is used for those cases when browser accepts <script> tag, but does not accept the script inside it, and it will display the alternate text instead.
Script tags are as following:
<script> is used to define the script
<noscript> defines a nalternate text
<object> is used for an embedded object
<param> defines parameters
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