Tag <ABBR> indicates that abbreviation is the sequence of symbols. With the help of the title parameter you are able to see the abbreviation’s decryption, it helps even those people, who don’t know it, to understand the abbreviation. Moreover, the search engines index the full text variant of abbreviation, so it may be used for rising of the document’s rating. The text in <ABBR> is underlined with the dashed line ин default.
Closing Tag
Is optional.
title adds a bubble help to the text, in which abbreviation’s decryption is given
Closing Tag
Is optional.
The Description of Tag <ABBR> Parameters
Title Parameter
The extended description of the element. It is displayed on the web page as a bubble help while pointing the mouse cursor to the abbreviation.
<abbr title="text">...</abbr>
Optional Parameter
Any text line.
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