Tag Caption

Tag <CAPTION> is used to create the title of the table and can be located only in the package <TABLE>, just after the opening tag. Such title is the text, which is displayed before the table and defines its content
aligndefines the horizontal alignment of the title.
valigndefines the location of the title before and after the table.
Closing tag
Is optional.
The Description of Tag <CAPTION> Parameters
Align Parameter
Align parameter defines alignment of the title according to the table. The result of its action depends on the browser and defined value.
Leftplaces the title on the top left of the table in the browser Internet Explorer and Opera.
Rightplaces the title on the top right of the table in the browser Internet Explorer and Opera. The parameter is ignored in the browser Netscape, and the title locates to the right of the table.
Center the title locates on the top center of the table.
Topthe result is like the center parameter result, but in contrast to it, it is a part of HTML 4 specification und is understandable for all the browsers.
Bottom the title is located in the bottom center of the table.
Default value
Center – for Internet Explorer, top – for other browsers.
Analogue CSS
Valign Parameter
The valign parameter is aimed for location of the title before the table and after it. This parameter is used only in Internet Explorer, and align is used for another browsers. Though, align parameter also works correctly for IE, that’s why combination of align and valign parameters are necessary only for this browser, when simultaneous vertical and horizontal alignment of the title is required.
Bottom the title locates under the table
Top the title locates before the table
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