Tag H1…H6

HTML offers 6 titles of different levels, which shows the relative importance of the section, which is located after the title. Tag <H1> is the most important title of the first level, and tag <H6> is used to image the title of the sixth level and is the least important. The title of the first level is displayed in large heavy faced type by default, and the titles of the next level are smaller. Tags <H1…H6> are related to the block elements, they begin with the new line usually, and the next elements after them are displayed on the next line. Moreover, the white is added before the title and after it.
<h1>title of the 1st level</h1>
<h2>title of the second level</h2>
<h6>title of the 6th level</h6>
align defines the title alignment.
Closing Tag
Is optional.
The Description of Tag <H1…H6> Parameters
Align Parameter
The edge alignment of the title
Full or relative way to the server file is taken as a value (URL).
Optional parametr
left left alignment or the title.
center center alignment of the title.
right right alignment of the title.
justify justified alignment. This argument is possible only for the title, the length of which is more than one line.
Default value
Analogue CSS.
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