Tag <LABEL> determines the connection between the label and the element of the form INPUT. Text is usually used as a label. Such connection is necessary to change the value of the elements of the form by mouse click on the text. Moreover, one can determine hot keys on the keyboard and follow the active element like links.

There are two ways to link the object and the label. The first one is the use of the identifier id in the tag INPUT and indication its name as the for parameter of the tag <LABEL>. The second way is the placing of the tag <INPUT> into the package <LABEL>.
<input id="identifier" /> <label for="identifier">РўРµxt</label>
<input type="..." /> РўРµxt</label>
accesskey access to the element of the form with the help of hot keys.
for identifier of the element <INPUT> to set the connection with.
Closing Tag
Is optional
The Description of Tag <LABEL> Parameters
Defines the hot key, with the help of which the change of the focus to the element of the form takes place. Such a hot key is usually used with the controlling key <Alt> in the browser and does not depend on the case.
Any available Roman symbol.
Default value
FOR Parameter
Defines the unique identifier, which is defined with the help of id attribute of the element <INPUT> to set the connection with. It is necessary to set the FOR parameter in the case, when the element of the form and the text are separated. The usage of the FOR parameter is not optional if <INPUT> is located in the package <LABEL>.
<label for="identifier">...</label>
The name of the identifier. Such name is case sensitive that is why it should be written in the same way as it is in the element <INPUT>.
Default value
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