Tag <MAP> is a package for the elements <AREA>, which define the active areas for the map-images. Such areas define hidden areas on the image, which are the links to HTML documents. The aim of tag <MAP> is to attach the tag <IMG> with the client map-image. This attachment is defined by the usage of one identifier both in the tag <IMG>, which is set by the usemap parameter, and in the tag <MAP>, which is set by the attribute name.
<map name="...">
<area /> </map>
name the name of the map-image.
Closing Tag
Is optional
The Description of Tag <MAP> Parameters
NAME Parameter
The name of identifier, which defines the map-image definitely. The value of the name parameter of the tag <MAP> must fit to the name in the usemap. The usemap parameter argument of the tag <IMG> begins with the number sign.
<map name="identifier">...</map>
Optional Parameter
Any appropriate name, it is case sensitive.
Default value
File upload form
PHP contact form
Email forms
Form builder