Tag OL

Tag <OL> defines the numbered list. Each element of the list is to begin with tag <LI>. In case of applying the style table to the tag <OL>, the elements <LI> inherit these features.

	<li>element of numbered list</li>
type defines the style of the list marker
start the number the numbered list to begin with.
Closing Tag
Is optional
The Description of Tag <OL> Parameters
TYPE Parameter
Defines the form of the marker.
<ol type="A | a | I | i | 1">...</ol>
The numbered lists are the number of elements with their serial numbers. Form and sort of numbering depends on tag <OL> parameters, which is used for making the list. The next values can be used as markers:
  1. capital Latin letter;
  2. lowercase Latin letters;
  3. capital Roman numbers;
  4. lowercase Roman numbers;
  5. Arabic numbers.
Default value
Analogue CSS
START Parameter
Start parameter defines the number the list to begin with. It doesn’t matter, which type is defined by type parameter, start argument works with both Roman and Arabic numerals.
Any positive integer.
Default value
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