Myth 1

The site traffic that goes from search systems is not such good as the one coming from traditional marketing methods (ads on TV, mail dispatches, radio, ads in press).

These statements are not fully true. Most of them are based on the lack for the proper knowledge about the traffic generated by search systems and its transformation from visitors to customers. For some reason, most business owners either don’t want to deal with SEO promotion, or don’t possess the knowledge, specialists, and resources for implementation of this kind of business development. Obviously, SEO requires special technologies and knowledge. That is why many people refuse SEO usage often.

Apparently, the site promotion by reaching the TOP positions on definite competitive words can boost the site attendance pretty well. Also, the statistic says that as a rule the visitors involved with help of SEO technologies are absolutely the aim audience, and they are a big value. 85% of the Internet users use the search systems for seeking an information, products and different kinds of services.

The point is that the search machines attract a pretty quality traffic. As this traffic is the users who look for the information that is necessary for them at the time.

Google will provide the maximum relevant answer for a certain request. And what can be better than the maximum relevant traffic? Especially if it comes on the transaction requests.

Also a pretty big plus in the visitor attraction with SEO is comparatively low price for a visitor or customer on the site. For today, the search systems are much more useful than the traditional marketing methods.