Myth 2

An effective marketing campaign using the search systems can be done “with no leaving home”.

It is absolutely impossible. The process of leading to the TOP10 highly competitive key phrases is doubtlessly pretty labor-consuming and long. But the fight for holding the reached position is hard as well.

The complexity and daily competition for position in the search results excludes the possibility of SEO promotion “with no leaving home” for most companies. According to our research, more than 70% of corporate websites don’t even understand the basics of site positioning in the search systems with help of such factors as meta-tags, page titles and methods of page linking. And more than that, they forget to register their sites in the leading search systems like Google, Yahoo … and the number of minor searchers.

The common mistake of most companies is that they entrust the site registration and promotion in the searchers to the webmaster or support group which don’t have enough time to understand the great amount of details necessary for an effective SEO promotion.

A SEO specialist should spend at least 1 hour of his on-duty time on reading SEO related news. That can be some kind of announcements about new algorithms, ranging factors etc. modernization. The webmasters are most likely unable to spend their time on such supervisions. Eventually it causes waste of money and ineffective SEO results.

Also in many companies the work on the site optimization for the search systems is not considered a number one important task and is not supposed a basic measure for the business development. We’d like to notice that the site optimization for the search systems with the following promotion for key phrases must hold a priority place in the business development strategy. It requires a specialized staff and a budget.