Myth 3

The software that allows an automatic registration in thousands of search systems, catalogs and bulletin boards will be really able to do all this stuff.

The existing software can automate some processes of SEO promotion pretty well. For example, it can provide the report on the current positions of the promoted key phrases, the number of pages in the search machine index, PR rates, the list if the websites that refer to your resource etc.

But unfortunately at the time there is no such software product that could be a semantic core of the project, that could arrange border key phrases, optimize meta-tags and the site content, that could do the registration in the search systems, catalogs and follow all their rules. Also the software products would not be able to analyze the effectiveness of the search promotion etc. You should not expect the software to do all this job at a high quality level, as this kind of work is pretty difficult and can’t be done with help of a program.

Every day lots of SEO companies look for more qualitative sets of key words for their clients and analyze their rivals in different fields. It sometimes happens that the methods which used to be effective always before (the consequence of the search algorithms modification) stop working. In such cases, you should instantly revise the details of your search promotion, and then look for alternative variants. The concludes based on the cut and try eventually make the most effective promotion strategy. Software here is powerless.