Myth 5

You can be sure that you will reach a top position on a certain search request after SEO site optimization.

We recommend you to be careful with this kind of statements from SEO companies or freelancers. Remember that only those men who have access to the admin panel or the source code of the searcher can affect the search results. It’s impossible to forecast the position even on less competitive key phrases. We also cannot predict keeping the fixed position, because the SERP results may change very often. For example, if you would reach TOP4 on some key phrase tomorrow, the position might change to 2nd or 8th in some time. That is why we strive to get our customers into TOP10, but a definite position can’t be predicted for sure.

You should be careful with the companies which give a 100% guarantee on reaching a top position. Such forecasts can’t be made, because the search algorithms are improved pretty often. And probably even when our team was working on this chapter, the search machine had changed its ranging algorithms. So probably some methods described in this book may lose a part of their effectiveness, or even they may lose it at all.

The site search optimization can be done without changing the source program code of the site.

This statement is true only in single occasion — if the site’s source program code is ideal from SEO’s point of view, and if only the off-site optimization is needed. But in most cases, on the starting stages we get sites with a great amount of mistakes and defects from SEO’s point of view. So it is impossible to fix them without changing the program code.