Chapter 08. About the search

The main task of every SS – to deliver to people the information, they are looking for. It is impossible to teach people how to make “correct” requests, i.e. requests that correspond to the principles of SS work. That’s why, the developers create such algorithms and principles of SS work, which would allow the users to find the information they need. It means that search system should “think” the same way, as the user during the search of information. Search systems in their majority work using the principle of the prior indexation.

What does it mean? Fox example, in the end of books we can often find the list of words , which were used in the text, in alphabetical order. Accordingly, if you need to find the page, on which the key-word is used, you should simply find it in the list and then, using the link (page number), open the information, you need. The most of the databases of the Search Systems work taking into account the same principle.

There is one more principle of construction – direct search.  It means that you turn over the pages of the book, while searching for the key-word. Certainly, this method is less effective.

In the variant with the inverted index, the search systems face the problem of the size of the files. This problem is usually resolved with the help of 2 methods. The first one consists in deleting of all the odds, and only one thing that is left – that is really important for the search. Second method – not the absolute address is memorized, but relative one, that is the difference between the current and preceding positions.

Thus, there two main processes, executed by the search system, they are the site, page indexation and the search. In general, the process of indexation for the browsers causes no problems. The problem is the processing of millions of the requests 24 hours a day. It is connected with huge volumes of information, which undergoes the processing of big computer complexes. A search load is the main factor, defining the quantity of the servers involved. This explains some strangeness, appearing during the search of information.