Chapter 07. Acquaintance to Search engine

Formation of the Search system

In this chapter the main principles of SS working are considered. Also it is considered the criteria of pages selection by Search system for display to users in certain key inquiry. When you write it, you will be understood how SS works, why site optimization is needed, how you can create friendly pages for SS. So, lets consider program components for SS.

- Search Engine Results engine – it derives results of search from data base.

- Spider – this program downloads web pages like a browser

- Indexer – the program analyzing pages downloaded by spiders

- Crawler is a program passing automatically through all links found on a page. It defines further path of a spider going by links. Crawler finds new documents unknown to SS when it follows these links.

- Database is a repository of downloaded and processed pages.

- Web Server – as a rule there is the html-page at the server with the field of entering in which users can specify a term they interested in.  Web-server also accounts for results delivery to users as html-page.

When you inquiry a key phrase, search will be fulfilled only within the ambit of its data base of SS.

A detailed scheme of search engines work can differ each other (for example, binding Spider+Crawler+Indexer can be fulfilled as one program which downloads known web-pages, analyzes it and find new resources by links)

Here must be the image of site indexing. The structure should be saved.