Chapter 21. Analysis of competitors

Analysis of comperitors sites.

Who are competitors? I think that you thought about it not once. Competitors are those sites which are above your site in various ratings, catalogues or search systems in the Internet under certain specification or any other features. Before analyzing of competitors sites you should work hardly with your site. Firstly you should define semantic kernel of search inquiries for promotion. While you will be analyzing sites of your competitors, you become known about methods and ways with which help they have reached a great popularity. Also why they are taking top places in ratings and searchers. Step by step you will learn quickly and accurately to define strengths and weaknesses of sites. It will help you not to make another's mistakes at work with your project.

A lot of people associate the word «competition» with some competition or rivalry. But it is not so. Your competitors and their sites help you with promotion. Frequency inquiries by key phrases interesting you are often absent in certain subject. But there is quite high-frequency statistics by especially competitive words.  But should we undertake it? Let's disassemble a conclusion in top by high-frequency inquiries in more details:

The first we should do is to define rate of key phrase we need, for this purpose we go here: (Certainly you should not trust completely this statistics of inquiries, but it can give the approached data).

Enter the key word, then the captcha and press the button Get Keyword Ideas. The statistics of search enquiries of users will be appeared. Then we need to «filter» statistics by key word. For this action we switch off “Local monthly search volume”.

In column Match Type we chose occurrence of key phrase Exact more precisely.

Also we do not forget about possibility of search results ordering in language and countries.

I am interested in the phrase «buy a car» - statistics of monthly inquiries (201 000)

Now it is necessary for us to estimate a competition developed in indicating of the searcher by this inquiry. For this purpose we go on and enter our inquiry (in exact conformity), it will look so «buy a car»

The first on what it is necessary to pay attention is a quantity of pages being in DB Google by the given key inquiry. In our case it makes 3.880.000 (quite big competition).

Results of the search are sorted from TOP 1-10

1) – PR 5, the domain is registered in 2002 (quite old and google likes old domains very much) Quantity of back Links by results of Yahoo - 1461, Alexa Rank - 108.000. It is possible to make a conclusion that the site is authoritative enough, but quantity of back Links does not impress, nevertheless Google holds it in Top 1 J

2) – PR 7, Quantity back link is more than 10.000.000. Domain is registered in 1998 (huge trust from Google) I think this site does not require the further analysis. It is impossible to move it from Top outputting by any forces.









Very important stage at estimate of complexity of search promotion by certain key phrases is competitors sites analyze.

Why need you to analyze sites of competitors?

1)      For estimate of key phrase promotion complexity.

2)      It permits to estimate finance loses for promotion approximately.

3)      You will be able to economize funds planning for promotion.

4)      If you analyze competitors’ sites, you may find bugs in optimization of their sites. You should learn it and not to make such bugs in your sites. It is possible that you find  details, effective technical methods not taken into consideration in your site. Note it and realize in your site.

5)      The last argument is selection of promotion tactics based on successful competitors.

It is possible to divide analysis of competitor’s site in a few steps:

Analysis of the site pages HTML code. Banner, presence and structure of various tags (Meta tags etc.), the most popular words and phrases which can be found on pages of the given site. It is necessary to define their quantity and frequency in %.

External factors of popularity. PR companies, quoting index, site presence in different Internet catalogues (DMOZ, Yahoo Directory and many others)

Much time spent on analysis of competitors you should expend learning of input links of the project. On this stage you will learn about which portals or other sites refer to the interesting project for you. It is not a secret that different advertisements or information placement about your site on other big resources can lead to great amount of new users. It means that your site increases dramatically its popularity in the positions and ratings.

Analysis of competitor site positions in search systems. You will need to work with search systems. When you choose some key words by certain site, you should look at which places it takes in different search systems while you are entering key words chosen by you.

Pages indexation and all it includes.

After finishing all the above steps, you will know better what you need to do for your resource optimization. Take into consideration all the advantages and disadvantages of your competitors. You should use the ideas which are not presented in their sites but you think they are useful. Also you should begin to optimize your portal taking into consideration all things written in this article. You should to resort to these operations regularly because your competitors do not spend time for nothing. They work and make revisions in their sites which you should check periodically.

Firstly you should understand why the analysis of competitors is needed. It gives you an opportunity to see strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, to use their ideas, to avoid mistakes they made. And finally with the help of it we win a competition for every potential client.

I agree that there are methods of competitors analysis which are differed from above methods. Therefore I tell to you at once that I use this method for promotion.

Which stages the analysis includes

Key words on pages

Search inquiries on which competitors are in the Top

Reversed links

Reversed links and search enquires are the main things for us.

As examples, we will use metal-roll subject for competitors analyze. I. e. we have the target to promote the metal-roll site into the Top of searchers. For this purpose we analyze which search enquires refer to our subject. We get some main categories: metal-roll, accessories, a girder, a channel and other types of assortment.

Using services of search enquires statistics we get enquiry list from the category «metal-roll». After al the filtrations and cleanings we will get the following list:

Firstly you should to analyze outputting for these top-enquires, for example «metal-roll»

Search enquiry is both in title and the text of the site. Content is unique and optimized. The number of external links is 17,196. The site is in Yandex catalogue. Пузомерки are correspondingly PR 6 / ТИЦ 1200. If we look at the site with the help of the plugin SeoQuake, we will see that «metal-roll» is not in the top:

In the same time if we visit the site, we can see that «metal-roll» is met more than 10 times. But in compression with all 2525 words it is less than one percent.

Then we analyze reversal links (click on "LD 17196"). We will see that our analyzed site uses buying links actively. There is great amount of «muzzles”.

Authoritative: ///////

and zero:////////

The same analyzing we conduct for other enquiries. Yes, of course – this work is laborious. But you need to know your competitor by sight.

Making conclusions we get following: if you have all derived data from analysis of your competitors, you can plan your budget and predict promotion effectiveness by needed enquires.

Note that I do not mark out in the article high-, average- and low- rates. We will chose on which enquiries to promote site based on analysis.