Chapter 18. Anchors

The anchor is a text of the link. It has very much great value in time of sites ranging. The link anchor should comprise keywords on which the site moves ahead.

Some moments on anchors:

- Anchors should be different, in an ideal – each site should have the anchor. I.e. if you promote a site on demand "mattresses", anchors should look so – «super mattresses», «cheap mattresses by wholesale», «we sell mattresses» etc. If anchors are identical everywhere, they can be glued.

- Do not make an anchor too long, it is ideal to consist of 4х words.

- When you make an anchor sheet and dilute it with different words (for the anchor being unique everywhere), you should dilute it with popular words which are often met.

- There is an opinion that the first word in an anchor has the least weight, therefore it is better not to put a keyword in the anchor beginning.

- Also there is an opinion that if the anchor has a point, in this case words located after it are not considered.