Chapter 01. What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a complex of measures which are directed to both internal and external optimization of the web site.

SEO began its development with the appearance of the search systems in 1990. Initially, the search systems paid the great attention to Meta tags. As web-masters could manipulate with tags, results of the search presented low-grade sites, and it had led to the substantial decrease of the Search system’s quality. The PR-technology appeared to help and even now it is still used by Google. PR helped to range sites on the basis of both, internal and external factors (nowadays, these are the main factors used during the range of search results).

The search optimization process of the site is divided into on two stages, which include the work both on internal and external optimization.

Internal operations (site analysis as for its correspondence to the technical requirements, technical errors removal, key-words selection, meta-tags composing, and correction of the page content).

External operations are the actions, which take place out of the site (site-registration in the search systems and catalogs, the link exchange and so on). The internal operations are the basis of working over the site optimization. But the external optimization is the most important method of promotion and we’ll discuss it later.

The relevant results during the search request are considered to be the main task of any search system, and this rule is followed by every search system, such as for example Google, Yahoo, Bind, Baidu, ASK…

Algorithms of the site selection for their displaying to users are the search system’s trade secret. Engineers of the SS, while improving the algorithms, always change the rules of the game, so the methods of selection for the sites displaying in the output as for the particular request.

SEO will give you an opportunity to optimize site’s web-page so that it wouldn’t contradict to the general rules of the search system, and at the same time would stimulate the better indexation. Meanwhile, SEO doesn’t forget about the user, helps to present the convenient and useful page.

It is easier for the optimized site to rise by target requests in the search results of the search engines, so this way the quantity of site visitors rises in the time of simultaneous increase of target audience.

The search site promotion has some positive factors.

One of the main positive factors is that site search promotion provides a long-time result, however it does not take part only once. One more important thing is that site search promotion should take part only with the help of white methods and they shouldn’t contradict with the rules of search system.

The budget of site search promotion depends directly on the picked up key-phrases and on a competition between them.

The long-time period from the beginning of work up to the getting results is considered to be the only one disadvantage of the site search promotion. At the average, the complex promotion of the site lasts 3-4 months.