Chapter 28. Creation of additional project pages

Divide key phrases on groups, adhere each group of inquiries to certain page of a site.

In our case it will look like that: – inquiries of home appliances without a binding to models and directions; - all inquiries connected with washing machines without binding to models; - all inquiries including microwaves without binding to models - inquiries on juice extractors without binding to models.

And further division of inquiries with binding to the manufacturer of production and model:

For example for washers: - washers; - washers of a firm Bosch; - washers of a firm Samsung; - washer of a firm Bosch model WVF2000; - washer of a firm Samsung S1005J.

Thus allocated enquiries we complicate our work by existing of great amount of site pages for promotion in search systems. But on the other hand we reach the main target – hitting of user on a page with product description he interested in. Also this hierarchy of enquiries dividing gives us opportunity to promote site on great quantity without limiting of 1-20 key words.

Analysis of navigation structure of a project. There is improvement of usability.

This stage can cause many disputes and disagreements as there are no accurate mechanisms of the analysis of site convenience. Many large companies solve them with the help of change of site separate sections navigation and the analysis of behavior of the user. We advice you to consult specialists in this question, or to analyze competitors sites carefully, with finding out weak and strong sides.

Do not forget about nesting of site pages (it is advised to do no more than 3 nestings), quantity of the main elements of site menu (no more than 8 ) and others. Unfortunately, the subject matter is very broad and goes beyond the question of the search site optimization.

We want to underline one more time, that there are no strict formulas of the analysis of the site convenience, that’s why it is unnecessary receive all the advices and recommendations for the axiom. Ask your friends to make this or those operations on the site, question about the difficulties which they were faced with, create your site intuitionally understandable and simple, after that your efforts will be rewarded with grateful clients.

Work with site content can come from optimization of page contents visible by user. There are its text, graphic objects and also text writing on a site.

A question is what quantity of key phrases text should include and what compactness of key phrases should be. We advice to adhere the main rules: there are text shortness and obligatory occurrence of a key phrase (at least, once)

Some general recommendations we can give:

  • 1. Distribute key inquiries in regular intervals on all text of a page. Do not concentrate on the same phrase in the uniform offer or on one page if it can be made somewhere else in the text of site concrete page or as a whole.
  • 2. Try to use popular key phrases in headings and subheadings of pages (tags h1, h2, h3), tags «b», «strong». It is necessary to estimate text visualization as you are the user. It is unnecessary doing the text hidden and its size – unreadable. It threatens with the negative sanctions from the search system side.
  • 3. Try to make site text with interesting and unique content. You have not to copy text from other sites (not including RSS news). Try to output interesting information in regular intervals.
  • 4. Do not fill texts of site pages with key expressions. Write the text clearly and conveniently for perception by the target user.
  • 5. Use separate words from key phrases separately. Use it in different cases and declinations.

So when we have optimized visible content of a site, wrote and corrected text on all site pages, in that case we could pass next step.