Chapter 06. General information about Search systems (Baidu)

Baidu – is leader among Chinese search systems. Taking into consideration the amount of processing requests, Baidu search site ocuupies the third place (3 billions 428 millions; with a part in a global search 5,2%)

The company works only in china. But indeed, this market grows extremely quickly: Over million of people will search for information in the Internet in the end of the year.

The analyst J.P.Morgan and Dick Way intheir actual analysis proceed from the fact, that the number of users will grow up to 100 millions. A huge market with extremely high profits for Baidu. Compare only the profit, that Google reaches in the USA with a quite similar business-model.

In 2006 Baidu informs about the run of the alternative project – Baidupedia (Baidu Baike). Within 3 weeks it outran the Chinese Wikipedia in number of articles. Today Baidupedia consists of 400 000 articles.

Corrections, which are making to Baidupedia, not immediately become visible, but they come through the moderators and censors, as it is supposed. Baidupedia doesn’t consist of articles about Falun Gong or about independent Taiwan.

In Baidupedia there is an article about Wikipedis, in which Wikipedia is described in neutral-positive manner. For a long time it contained the information about its blocking in CNR, and even some links were given to the mirrors of Wikipedia, which can be used to get to its main page. But some time passed and the links to Wikipedia have been removed and only one link left – to its official page, however it is impossible to get to Wikipedia before having released a lock. The interface for the Chinese users was developed to be as comfortable as possible.