Chapter 05. General information about Search systems (Yahoo!)

Yahoo – the main office of the company is situated in California. The company takes the second place as for the popularity in the world among the search systems, and the first place as for the number of users (345 millions), registered on the Yahoo portal, which provides with a list of services, such as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Games, Yahoo Music and so on.

Yahoo appeared in the Internet in 1994, when Jerry Young and David Philo were studying in the University of Stanford. This information proved the address of their first site In the end of the year 1994 this address was changed into more simple one as for the sequence of symbols

Initially Yahoo was created as a simple catalog which contained the site links in the Internet. This catalog gains popularity and expands very quickly, so Jerry and David have to break it into the categories – for that time it was revolution – hierarchical index Web was broken into the topics: “Computers”, “Government”, “Culture and Society”. (This service remained till now in a kind of the catalog Yahoo Directory). In autumn 1994 the catalog contained more than 1 million of requests and about 100.000 thousand of users.

“We couldn’t collect quite complete list in Yahoo Database” – Young was writing in the conference Usenet in September 1994. – “This was an attempt to divide the information into the topics.  Of course, not everything managed to do, but we continue working on it. And our classification supports the search”.

The investments into the well-known and developing resource were growing up, like their popularity. In April 1995 Yahoo was given a two-stage tranche by the investment fund Sequoia Capital, but Young and Philo decided to end their study in a postgraduate course and to devote all their free time to the company.

“During last several months we haven’t been making researches, - Philo was saying in the interview to the magazine CIO in June 1995. – It was necessary to define, in which direction we should move further, and we came to a conclusion, that we are not very interested in our post graduating occupation”.

One by one, the divisions were opening in the different countries of the world, 1996 – Germany, 1997 – Sweden, 1998 – Italy and Spain, 1999 – China, 2000 – India and Canada.

Corporation bought such projects as HotJobs and Flicker and after that were integrated to their own portal.

Yahoo used Google company technologies for the realization of their search system, but in February 2004 all the agreements with Google have been cancelled. However, after several years the company succeeded to become the leader in the sphere of the e-search.

Today Yahoo is one of the most important brands in the sphere of EIS. Company has about 500 mln. of users in different countries of the world, and it’s name is known to billions of people.

David Philo and Jerry Young had to be given the highest award and then closed in the room: their lives couldn’t belong to them only, because they’d made a prominent work as for the web-classification with the help of Yahoo Hostlist” – one of the users wrote in September 1994.