Chapter 32. Friendship management with GOOGLE

Management of friendship with Google

Advices according to success in Google’s eyes

The main rule of optimization is making pages which not need optimization. As any wise rule – this axiom is understood by everyone but not most accept. It is a pity that most of both starting optimizers and people interested in their resources optimization say that «author information submitted by competent language should be on a site, but let start with multiple repeating of key words in Meta tags».

Even popular words in optimization sphere "content is king" have become out of a date and started to be negative meaning. Optimizer usually says so when he has not other «secret super methods» of immediate achievement of first positions in searchers.

Experience of work with searchers indicates that optimizers efforts without constructive method of approaching to resource contents never lead to long-term results. Vice versa, informational valued resource will be noticed and promoted by search engines even if effort level of promotion is not high.

For example - biological resource – the site of American entomologist Briyan Fisher about ants. If this site is shown to optimizer, he will respond negatively: pages are dynamic with expansion *.jsp: captions of pages are low-effective with usage of stop words, meta-tags are absent, the text on the page is small. In general, creators of a site have not any meaning about optimization principles.

However, all these «shortages» of a site do not prevent to hit the top by many competitive requires in biological environment. Also it has Google PageRank7.

The secret of resource popularity is value of information located on site pages. Links on are located the best libraries and educational institutions.

Refusal from usage of software in optimization process will lead to bad results. There are many tasks of search optimization which need to solve in program way. Program desires can favor successful work of optimizer. Interconnectivity of steps and process recurrence of optimization lets to integral tools for optimization into the SEO program.