Chapter 14. Ranking factors

There are two types of ranging factors:

-                      Internal

-                      External

Internal factors are those which are under control of the site web designer (the text, registration, quality of Meta tags optimization, internal relinking etc.)

Searchers appreciate sites with much information filling; it is necessary to pay particular attention on this detail. Pages containing 5-6 lines have the minimum chances to get in Top. There is no optimum density of key phrase mentions on a page. It is possible to hear statements among various communities of SEO experts about density in 2 %, 4 % and 6 %.

Being based on a long-term experience in the area of SEO, it is possible to draw a conclusion for today that optimum quantity of the text on a page are 500-3000 words, other words it is 2-20 kb of the text. On density of key phrase entering in symbols quantity on a page, there are enough 2 times on 1000 symbols. Try to begin with a key phrase while you are writing content. Also you should use key words as closely as possible to the document beginning. Too high density is capable to include a special spam filter. It will lead to the page is lowered in search results. Practice shows that basically at density over 7-9 % the page is negatively considered by SE.

External factors

Let's consider the external factors.

In difference from the internal factors we cannot completely supervise the external factors but we can influence them.

In general all the external factors can be reduced to "links". Your site links is the basic external factor. Lets consider it in detail.