Chapter 10. Search

Entering the main page of the search system you are met by the router, which sends to the less downloaded web-server. After that all the requests, coming from your ip-address, will be processed by the web-server.

Then web-server sends your request to the search server, the task of which is to choose the relevant pages and to range them to the list. The result – the output of the search results in your browser.

There are 2 kinds of the search requests:

Informational – They are set by the users that want to find some information in the net – searching the phone number of the organization that is needed (site of any reference book), desire to receive the information about famous person or the result of the final match of the World Championship of the year 2006.

Transactional – These are such requests, which are input by the users, wishing to make some operation in the Internet – the transaction, i.e. to buy a product, to order some service, download music, or sign to the mailing and so on.

Obviously, these transactional requests are more interesting for the search site promotion, that’s why they already have the inserted user’s desire to make a transaction.

Pure transactional requests are not many in number, usually, they have such a form:

To buy plastic windows

Sale plastic windows

To order plastic windows

The lease of excavator