Chapter 26. Selection of key inquiries on search optimization (drawing up of a semantic kernel)

You should use 2 services while you are selecting key words: statistics of user enquiries Yandex - and enquiry statistics Rambler On the left you will see key phrase and on the right – quantity of enquiry display of previous month. At average indicator of clicking (CTR) is 2-3%. Thus you can calculate approximate traffic which you will receive hitting top.

Visitors = (Quantity of display*3%)/30 days in month.

Quantity of users passing on enquiry directly depends on site position (snippet), tag Title of a site, site fame and relevance of display.

You should select aims of project promotion. They are commercial and informational.

In our case commercial general inquiries for the main page of a site are (specify enquiry household appliances in в ): – main page

household appliances shop
household appliances Internet shop
household appliances sales
net of household appliances shops
site household appliances
household appliances of a firm
buy household appliances
search household appliances

Informational enquiries also include:

household appliances
built-in household appliances
household appliances market
expert household appliances
household appliances electronics
small household appliances
forum of household appliances
household appliances video - washers (only commercial)

to select washer
washer buy
washer automate
washer option
selling of washers
ultrasonic washers
washers shops
the best washer
built-in washers - washers of the firm Bosch (commercial only)

washer bosch
washers bosch
washers бош
washers bosch Siemens
washers of the firm bosch
bosch washers vertical
washer bosch price
washers  of the firm bosch

etc. (for simplicity we limit by this phrases in your computer). It is not all key words you should pay attention.

There are enquiries of a type «washer bosch max», «washer bosch 2460» but they refer to concrete models of washers. We made separate pages for it. So these key words must be paid attention at optimization of internal pages.

Such analysis can deliver along all the productions to be specified enquiries «microwaves», «washers», «squeezers» etc.

Make full analysis and create completed list of key words for project promotion. Pay attention on first column in statistics of enquiries selection Yandex. As a rule enquiries in the right column are good help in time of key phrases selection.

In tome of key phrases selection pay attention on shortenings, enquiries with mistakes in writing, writing of firms-producers by Cyrillic and Latinic alphabets (for example Samsung and Самсунг)

Also you should look at competitors and key enquiries which they used for promotion.

If you wish fast response from search optimization, you should not make high efforts to promote a project by one word enquiries at the beginning. Key enquiries from one word are usually general and its big popularity is not always appropriate to commercial link. Here there are enquiries «buy washers», «samsung washer buy».

Estimate your forces successfully because sometimes forces spent on promotion of one strong enquiry of a class «household appliances» can be directed to promotion of 10 simpler narrow enquiries (for example «buy washer»). It can give much more benefit from project promotion, at that time you spent less resources and time.

The problem of project promotion by a lot of narrow enquiries is quantity of them. Obviously, it is more comfortable to promote 5-10 narrow enquiries than 100-200 petty key phrases. But we must think about targets we want to achieve and also that qualitative site with good target traffic is long term goal. It can be solving during years.