Chapter 23. Site constructions

Navigational structure of a site will become these goods division of separate rubrics or folders on a portal is good construction and also entering so-called general key enquires (household appliances, buy household appliances, the shop of household enquires) in the main page of a portal (if there is an accent on promotion of these enquires)

For example, – enquiries of home appliances without a binding to models, directions; - washing machines; - microwaves; - squeezers.

For example, – household appliances enquires without binding to models and directories.

Further hierarchy for sites promotion will be good enough if every direction of distribution by goods description to be and then – by models.

For example for washers: - washers; - washers of the firm Bosch; - washer of the firm Samsung;
… - washer of the firm Bosch, model WVF2000; - washer of the firm Samsung S1005J.

It is necessary to underline that site design may be different but we will discuss the best way of it to our mind. There is a general way for scale promotion of a site on great amount of search enquiries in search systems.

You can often meet sites without text content in the main page or narrow specialization of companies. You should understand the main rule of inquiries distribution, especially delivery of general enquiries subject of company activity on a main page. Also division of different directions of companies or Internet-shop on pages inside of a site with further distribution by functional indications and models names/

Such structure of a project allows both making a project optimization work easier and complicating this process and to stretch term of advancement of a site. But if you think globally, are aimed at durable result, are not afraid of test by time and difficulties in work, we advise to adhere to this strategy. В We will explain partially why it is needed now, partially a bit later (it concerns internal link ranging of a site).