Chapter 03. What is not considered to be a target for SEO optimization?

SEO does not consist in hitting Top positions on a certain key phrases set, the quality of optimization won’t depend on phrases quantity.

SEO is not considered to be the aspiration of being found with the help of all the keywords which are possible. A lot of people try to receive the rank as high, as it is possible for the greater amount of the key-words.

The strategy of occupation the highest positions as for the quantity of the key-requests, which is firstly, a huge amount of works, which is unnecessary, secondly, this is simply a waste of time.

The result of the optimization by certain key-requests increasingly depends on the quality of their selection and on the knowledge and the experience of the optimizer as a whole. Site-optimization can fail on the first stages, if the key-phrases and methods of their optimization are selected incorrectly.

The number of the keywords on which it is possible to find your site in the Internet is unimportant. The importance consists in the possibility of finding your site using correct key-words and of course in the site possibility to make your visitors become clients.