Chapter 24. What is our benefit from such site distribution and design?

  • Hitting of target audience on those page which is appropriate to specified enquiry (if inquiry «washer Samsung» is specified, user will pass on the page which is totally met his requirements).
  • Uniform and correct distribution of inquiries on all site. There is a hypothesis and many disputes about how many key inquiries should be allocated for page. You will not find a definite answer because it does not exist. Inquiries are different, therefore it is necessary to think by thoughts of the potential user which will come on demand on that page which you have planned.
  • The problem of the site text filling. Running a little forward we say that the text maintenance of a site is the important factor at its ranging by search system. The finding of a key phrase is the important positive aspect for good positioning of a site in delivery of search system. It is very difficult to describe all goods or services on one page, having kept thus laconicism and clearness of the information which you wish to inform the potential client.

A lot of people may say: «Yes we have 5-6 inquiries what for they are to be divided; after all we twist all on the main page». Yes, probably and the matter of time of a project search promotion resolves, but not a question of convenience of the user who has come on a site. Well if these inquiries are single-root and if on a site there are pages specially taken away under it, why it is not used?

Unfortunately, we hear this meaning very often. That’s why a lot of companies, limited with 10-20 key-phrases, output the main page of the project as for the whole list. As the result – bad efficiency from the search optimization and money, wasted for nothing. It’s also can be not quite true because while ranging the search system takes into consideration the entry of the key-requests to the text content of the page. Agree that sometimes it is very difficult to contain 10-20 different key-phrases in the text of one page.

After you’ve made a preliminary analysis of the project structure, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to make a little analysis of the site itself.