Chapter 02. What way it can help my site?

If SEO technologies will be used correctly, it is possible to receive quite large list of advantages in comparison with your competitors.

1. Your site will completely correspond to the recommended rules of the search systems.

2. Your chances to hit in Top on certain search enquiries greatly increase.

3. After the end of promotion your site can take the place of Top 10 for a long time, but the main difficulty consists in the retention of the results, that were achieved. As it was stated above, site optimization takes part only once and this process is quite laborious and long-lasting.

The best award for optimizer’s work is the trust of the search system, because if you deserve it, your site will have quite big amount of visitors (Potential clients).


Search systems site optimization guarantees the increase of the search traffic and also guarantees the target traffic increase within it. However it does not guarantee 100 % of employment of certain positions because the algorithms of search engines can vary and make it quite often.