Chapter 33. Widespread errors in optimization of sites

Graphic header

Often the design of a site includes graphic header. It means that a picture in all width of the page, containing as a rule a company logo or the name and any other information.

Do not apply the given method on your site. The top part of page is very valuable place where it is possible to place the important keywords. In case of a graphic representation this place vanishes for nothing.

Sometimes absurd situations are met: Header includes text information but it is made as an image for more attractiveness (the indicated text cannot be taken into account by searchers )

It is better to use a combined variant – graphic logo exists upwards of a page but not occupy all width. The text header with key words is located in remained part.

Graphic navigating menu

The situation is similar to previous point. Internal inks of your site must include also key words
It gives advantage in time of ranking. If navigating menu is made as graphic for more attractiveness, searchers will not be able to take into account the text of links.
If you refuse graphic menu, do not forget to supply all images with tags ALT.

Navigation carried out through the scripts.

In certain cases navigation on a site is carried out through use of scripts. It is necessary to understand that searchers cannot read and execute scripts. Thus, the link specified through a script will be inaccessible for search system and the search robot will not pass on it.

In such cases it is necessary to duplicate necessarily links in the usual way for navigation on a site to be accessible for all – both for your visitors and for robots of search systems.

Session identifier

It is accepted to use the session identifier on some sites. It means that each visitor at calling on a site receives unique parameter &session_id= which is added to the address of each visited page of a site.

Usage of the session identifier allows collecting more conveniently statistics about behavior of site visitors and can be used for some other purposes.

However, according to a search robot, a page with new address is a new page. At each calling on a site the search robot will receive the new the session identifier visiting the same pages, as earlier, will perceive them as new pages of a site.

Search systems have algorithms of mirrors and pages with similar contents «Gluing». Thus sites used session identifiers will be indexed. However indexation of sites can be done incorrectly sometimes. Thus it is not recommended to use session identifiers on a site.


Redirects make more difficult site analysis by search robots. Do not use redirects if it is not necessary.

Hidden text

Hidden text usage (text color matches background color, for example white on white) allows overloading with needed key words not breaching of logic and design of a page. Such text is not visible for visitors but successfully is read by search robots.

Usage of such methods of optimization can lead to ban of a site – forced exclusion of a site from the index (data base) of search system.

Links with one pixel

Usage of graphic images-links in the size of 1*1 pixel (that is actually invisible to the visitor) also is perceived by search systems as attempt of a deceit and can lead to ban of a site.

The list of the essential errors in internal search optimization and site development is given below. This list is conductive to impediment of effective site indexation by search robot. You may learn it and then it can help you to eliminate errors.

Tag <title>
Not filled.
Not include key words
Similar for all pages
Too short
Includes more than 100 symbols
Key words named in captions are absent in the page text filling.

The main text

Not used and not contains less than 200 words
Exceeds 20 kilobytes
Compactness of key words is more than 8%
Not used key phrases Not
Too small size, it is factually invisible
Includes spelling mistakes
Copied from another site

Headers: <h1>,<h2> and other

Not used

Key words are not remitted

Used very often

Выделение жирным шрифтом

The tag strong does not contain key words
Used very often

Graphic images
Empty tag <alt>
Tag <alt> does not include key words
Used very often
Key words are not listed in names of files

Internal links

Don’t contain key words
Numbered more than 100 links

Тag <meta name =«description»>

Not used
Not unique tag, used similar for all pages
Too short
Too long
Description words are not used in the page text

Tag <meta name=«keywords»>

This tag does not influence on ranking results
The only criterion is filling by 2-3 key phrases. If it is possible, use unique tag keywords for each page

Site structure

Key words are not used in files names.
Care about availability of a page in 3 clicks from the main one.
Exclude pages exceeding availability of 5 clicks from the main page
There are no links on some site pages
Great amount of internal links leading to one inside page

Rare updating of a site
File robots.txt is absent
Sitemap.xml is absent


Site is made on Flash
It includes different flowing up forms and other elements. Their visibility is changed dynamically.
The code includes errors and not valid.

Тag <meta name=«description»>